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where we all start
when we look at today music industry we'll all find some new opportunities that were not there a couple of years ago:

only when we believe in it
the best record label is probably not worth a penny, when noone in the company really believes in your music. the music we put on our record label is solely material that we love. and as we are not really focusing on just one musical genre, there is a lot of different music to be found in our catalog.
but do we just do what we like? once we have fallen in love with your songs we have to find out if we also believe that there is a chance that it will generate sales. to make money songs must fulfill certain criteria. many facts have to come together ... best described as:

the combination of secrets
writing a great song seems not easy sometimes but it often happens exactly when you are not thinking about it. furthermore, it might require someone else to discover that brilliant tune. it can be the audience you play for, a good friend or someone you don't even know, who finds out that there is something huge in a composition. as you might have written a couple of potentially great songs, you will need someone to discover them. therefore we are always looking for new material ... and we will take the time to listen to your music. whether it is just a recording of you with a piano or a fully recorded album, we will spend that time to listen into your work.
in order to make a great song into a song that can be commercially succesful there is a long road to go. first, your song must be tailored and polished to become that one masterpiece. as we are all music producers with our own recording facility we can make the effort to help you to get your songs to the next level. we will record and mix your song if required and we will write additional parts and arrange your tracks with extras you would not be able to write or play. in most cases we will try to offer you these services for free or at least for a very small price (compared to normal high-end studio rates).
once your tracks have been fully produced, mixed and mastered there is a whole lot of work right outside the door: marketing. as we are not (yet) a company that can utilize huge budgets we have to work with the facilities that can be accessed for free. and we need you to do the same thing. all it will take is some time on a regular basis. and as we know that we all of us (you and us) need to take care of all these different things like myspace, youtube, band website, label website, etc. we always split the income from the online sales 50/50. so you'll never get that feeling of helping someone more than yourself when you do something to sell more songs or albums.

online vs. physical
why do we only do online distribution. well, that's simple: online stores do not take up any money in advance. when you make CDs you will always have to spend a fair amount of money before a single record is sold. these costs often get cut in very important areas like time in the recording studio. in an online music shop like the itunes store there is no initial cost. only when you sell a song there is a certain amount that is kept by the stores.

"generation ipod"
many people still try to raise their voice against online distribution. not just because of piracy but more because they like the way a real CD feels. well, it is true that a great booklet (artwork) might be something you wanna hold in your hands. but have you ever checked out digital artwork you get on some albums on itunes? in 2009 we live in a completely new world when it comes to the way music is being stored and listened to. i'll call it "generation ipod" or even "generation iphone". you might wanna do some research about the daily production numbers of these devices. and as you read those frightening numbers, you will undoubtedly admit that there is a huge opportunity to get your music to millions without that major record company. together with a lot of other advantages it is more than clear that one can make a difference. and we want to make that happen together with you and your music. let's start our own little digital revolution and try and get your songs into the ears of millions.

what now?
let me tell you what now! send us your music so we can listen to it. we will listen to all music we receive. be patient but do not hesitate to contact us within four weeks after sending us your tracks. we promise and we keep that promise that we treat your music with maximum respect. we listen closely to each song and we discuss it in our team. most of the time we even spend the time listening together. you can be sure that we will not show your songs to anyone outside the company and we will not "steal" your material and then tell you that we are not interested. we think that our model of working together in this new music business will turn out to be fruitful for us and for you in most equal ways.

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